Book series "Internationale Schriften des Jakob-Fugger-Zentrums"


Book series: "Internationale Schriften des Jakob-Fugger-Zentrums"

Societal and political developments often take place at the transnational level, extending beyond the borders of individual countries. Research on transnational phenomena requires new, interdisciplinary approaches, for which the JFZ provides the conditions. Research carried out at the Center addresses central questions concerning the past, present and future of a globally networked society on a broad interdisciplinary level.  


The JFZ publishes key research findings in monographs as well as conference proceedings and anthologies in its own book series "Internationale Schriften des Jakob-Fugger-Zentrums", hosted by Göttingen-based publisher V&R Unipress. Publication grants for volumes in the series are available for JFZ members.

Past volumes

Volume 1:

Johanna Hartmann/Hubert Zapf (eds.): "Censorship & Exile", 2015

Volume 2:

Harald Lesch/Bernd Oberdorfer/Stephanie Waldow (eds.): "Der Himmel als transkultureller ethischer Raum", 2016

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"Internationale Schriften des Jakob-Fugger-Zentrums" (Link to V&R Unipress)